Precious Little Thangs

"Let tell you something that chu already know, you just get the rock to me u na man?" - Wise Words by Bang Yongguk


17 times Jongin makes me fall in love with his voice.

  1. History
  2. Don’t Go (나비소녀)
  3. Let Out The Beast
  4. Heart Attack
  5. Baby
  6. My Lady
  7. XOXO
  8. Lucky
  9. The Star
  10. First Snow (첫 눈)
  11. Love Love Love
  12. Run (live)
  13. Like It Like It (좋아 좋아; live)
  14. Dang Dang Dang (live; ft. Chanyeol)
  15. Don’t Go (live)
  16. Growl (live; ft. Xiumin)
  17. Wolf (live)

(via xiumin-sama)